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Sports in UBC statistics

We frequently play sports together, either as a group just to have fun or in a departmental team as part of a league.

Upcoming sporting events:


Several students in the department play tennis on a regular basis. Contact Nikola if you would like to join one of the tennis sessions!

Table tennis

Table tennis is happening on Fridays at 4 pm! Players usually arrive early to help set up the table tennis table. Contact David for more information.


We run semi-regularly around UBC, especially during the sunny months. We meet in front of ESB and usually end at a coffee shop on campus. Runs are at a casual/no drop pace, i.e., slow enough so that everyone has a good time! We sometimes also run races (each at their own pace), like the Vancouver Sun Run. Contact Gian Carlo if you want to join!

2024 Sun Run 2024 Sun Run


We always partake in HUB Cycling’s Go by Bike Week. Join our team for the next edition and log your kilometers! Contact Mairéad for more information.

Some of us also go out for (road) rides a couple of times a week. Contact Gian Carlo if you want to join!

Ride to Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve Ride to Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

Organize something!

Is your favourite sport not on the list above? Consider organizing your own sports team within the department! In the past, we have played volleyball during the summer and even had a departmental intramural soccer tem—the Mean-Squared Terrors!

Feel free to contact one of the graduate student executives if you would like to receive help promoting your new sports team.

Last updated: April 23, 2024