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Statistical consulting

Statistics graduate students have the opportunity to work as consultants through services offered by the department. Information about these services can be found below. These opportunities are paid and are a great way to gain consulting experience on real cases as a statistics graduate student. Consulting positions for these services are available to graduate students who have completed STAT 550. If you are interested in working for any of these services, please contact the Graduate Student Representative.


The Short Term Consulting Service (STCS) is run by graduate students in the department and offers statistical assistance for short-term projects (typically less than 15 hours).

STCS is currently recruiting consultants. If you are interested in working as a STCS consultant, please contact the Graduate Student Representative for more information.


The Applied Statistics and Data Science (ASDa) group employs graduate students in the department for their statistical consulting services, such as SOS (which provides assistance to UBC graduate students) and MSA (which provides assistance to UBC medicine students).

Last updated: August 10, 2022