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Graduate student positions

Various positions and activities in the department are filled and organized by graduate student volunteers (see the list below). An open recruitment for these positions is usually done at the beginning of the academic year. If a position that you’re interested in is still open for the academic year, contact the Graduate Student Representative to see how you can get involved!

Open positions

Position/activity People in charge Available positions
Fundraiser   2–3
USS Coordinator   1-2
Social Committee Silke
Always open!

Volunteers needed: 2-3
Duties: organize fundraising events for the SGSA. In the past these took the form of exam sales: sample finals were created and sold to undergrads. This year, we are open to other fundraising ideas as well. The results of your work would have a direct impact on the budget available for other SGSA events.

Social Committee
Volunteers needed: 2-3 minimum, but always open!
Duties: i) organize semi-regular social hangouts. These can range from ordering sushi to eat at the department, to going out for dinner somewhere in Vancouver, to organizing a hike! ii) organize the end-of-term graduate hangouts (one per each term); iii) monitor the #social channel on Slack. Funding available! The end-of-term hangouts are fully funded by SGSA, and additional funding is available for each hangout (depending on the number of events, we might be able to cover part or all of the bill).

USS Coordinator
Volunteers needed: 1
Duties: be the liaison between the SGSA and the USS (Undergraduate Statistics Society) at UBC. Duties would likely involve being the person of contact for the USS, attending meetings with USS executives as necessary, and organizing/finding volunteers to organize events held in collaboration with the USS. Examples of possible events include a ``Meet a Grad Student’’ session for statistics undergraduates and research/co-op flash talk sessions.

Filled positions

Position/activity People in charge Available positions
Graduate Student Representative Gian Carlo  
Treasurer Kenny  
Webmaster Nikola  
Graduate Student Seminars Johnny
Van Eeden Seminar Miguel
UBC/SFU Joint Seminars Naitong
Graduate Trip / Icebreaker Johnny

Last updated: April 17, 2023